Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Promise to Rena, and a Vow and a Prayer to God (and some hishtadlut as well)

I've already said this out loud to Rena but I want to put it publicly in writing as well: As soon as God makes it possible we will go to Israel.

And now for the vow: At such time as I'm able to live in Israel with no obligation to go back to exile anywhere, I will stay in Israel and never leave Israel again as long as I live.

I tell Rena every time she asks about going to Israel: If Mashiach comes today then we'll get to go to Israel today. I tell Rena we have to pray that God sends Mashiach soon. I also mention this whenever she asks about people and communities that are far away. I explain that all her favorite people are in different places now because we're still in exile but that when Mashiach comes all Jews will be together again in Israel, the land that God gave us. I tell Rena that every time we do something nice for someone, like the time one of her friends in preschool was crying and Rena gave her a big hug to help her feel better, God comes closer to wanting to send Mashiach to the world. (Yes, I'm thinking of the Chabad slogan that says "Bring Mashiach through acts of goodness and kindness.)

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